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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Fashion +1 : Birthday Wishes

Fashion +1 : Birthday Wishes

Monica Gady Mbwilo

 Note toMonica Gady Mbwilo :have a sunny  and happy,
                                                   bright and beautiful
                                                    magical kind of day
                                                    Happy Birthday
3 WAYS  with : Denim shirt

3 WAYS with : Denim shirt

all 3 outfits

First Outfit:  Denim shirt can be worn with anything, like in the above pictures i paired my denim shirt with another denim of different color,as you can see. This look is effortless and simple but very stylish.

Second Outfit : this second outfit  involves the same denim shirt  with a  nature toned high low skirt. This particular outfit can also be an official look and can be paired with flats also if the heels are too much for you.

Third Outfit: This is the third and last outfit  which consists of a denim shirt, floral leggings, a white  mullet shirt and studed black boots.....i like it, hope you do too.

There so many  ways that a single denim shirt can be worn, just let your imagunation run wild and have fun,everything else will fall into place. Set your own trends and dont worry if nobody else follows because as long as you feel good nothing else matters.

             happy End of October everybody,


Fashion +1 : Pic of the day

Fashion +1 : Pic of the day

Nancy Mbwilo

My girl Nancy rocking  red pencil skirt with  turtle neck animal print t-shirt blouse accessorizing the outfit with a black tiny belt and cute red sole shoe #GORGEOUS. Another fashionable friend in my life,am seriously blessed in this department....lol
Sunday, October 28, 2012
Education is Sexy

Education is Sexy

Nancy Lazaro
Masters Graduate in International Business

Lilian Mdeme
Law Degree Graduate

Halima Mahita
Law Degree Graduate
                               Proud of these women right here......my sisters and my childhood friend.
 *singing* Kindergarten mpaka chuo kikuu......(i have always wanted to sing this song and actually mean it,ooh!it feels so good, lol)
Dorica's Baby Shower

Dorica's Baby Shower

Dress code : Anything white
Venue  : Shauri hostel

Beautiful celebration for one beautiful reason "baby Ivan "  it was a lovely day. People ate, drank,danced and most of all looked Amazing.....

 Words to the new mother Dorica :    God has blessed you with a beautiful little angel.
                                                            Fashion +1 wishes you  plenty of happy moments
                                                            with your little one
                                                                     Congratulation love
Friday, October 26, 2012
Celebs Halloween Inspirational Looks

Celebs Halloween Inspirational Looks

 Can't wait for tomorrow!! #GODBEWITHUSALL
                                         With love
Fashion +1 : Pic of the day

Fashion +1 : Pic of the day


My girl Tabeey on a mint green chiffon blouse and a pink pencil skirt. I call this color blocking perfection, isn't she lovely?! Hope you have also noticed that crazy cute boyfriend watch....! I give this look 10/10 its not too much and its not too little either,just the right size and quantity of everything!

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Upcoming  Halloween party in Mwanza and Cpwaa in the house!

Upcoming Halloween party in Mwanza and Cpwaa in the house!

 Ooh1 its happening in Mwanza!!!!! our 1st halloween party on 27th October 2012...... Am freaking excited and i don't even have anything scary to wear,OOOOOoooooppppsssyyyyy! but i will find something,( Positivity all the waaaaay)

 The dress code has been specified : CREEPY and SCARY...# FingersCrossed people dress to occasion  coz i will be there to take some mad pictures.....

And the best part of all this is "My MAN CPWAA" ( hes nat really my man,am just saying this lol) will be performing  on that day, How cool is that!!!! Okay, lets all stopping hating for a min and give credit to this gifted creature for making good danceable music for all of us party people...hihi! he's gonna go far... And before i forget,please lets all vote for CPWAA  to win "THE MOST GIFTED DANCE VIDEO AWARD " in the upcoming Channel O music video award (CHOMVA) just SMS 5F to +27839208406
no image


I miss love, I miss a friend
I miss a friend with love

We used to laugh together and you left me to cry on my own

You told me to always count on you
When i thought i should,you were long gone

You promised to be a shoulder to lean on always
But the ugly times parted our ways

You and I were rising and shining together and now
you are the moon showing me your dark side

I miss you love,I miss you friend
I miss you a friend with love

I trusted you with my secrets
Now they are all out leaving me  with regrets

You were a sister, not just a friend
I guess good things always come to an end

I pictured you as a matron in my wedding
Now our friendship is a subject to a welding

We were so close that we looked alike
But now we are like heels and Nike

I miss you love, I miss you friend
I miss a friend with love

I know you miss our deep friendship
Our journey wasn't forever,just a return trip

Wishing old times could be now
Cause all you have now is "i wish i knew"

 You took our friendship for granted
 And destroyed all the seeds we planted

 And now things will never be the same
Our friendship suffered a flame of shame

I miss you love, I miss you friend
I miss a friend with love
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
no image

Personality Vs Clothing

Does your clothing reflet your personality???
  1. yes?
  2. Never?
  3. It depends?
I say YES  with reasons that am sure many of us have experienced. We normally say never judge a book by its cover but we know very well people still do, we still judge things from their outside look that's just the way life is.
Another reason is that our clothing is the first thing a person gets to see at first sight, some will get the chance to know us better but some wont. So for the people that wont get the chance what image do you think they have of you?! I hope now you get my point that our clothing may sometimes or most of the time reflect our personalities....
  •  Sloppy clothing sends the message that you don't really care about your appearance, your job, your future or anything.                                                                                                     
  •  Brand dressers: if every item on your body is brand name, and you're sure to let others know it. People may take you as successful, choosy and "put together," but they may think you're overly materialistic or a bit insecure (and desperately trying to fit in via your clothing).          
  •  Skimpy dressers always opt for the shortest, tightest, most revealing clothing they can find whether they're going to work, an office party or  to the beach . Wearing overly revealing clothing often means insecurity, and an attempt to gather attention based solely on your body (perhaps suggesting that's all there is to offer). Many say occasionally wearing that skimpy outfit is fun, flirty, and quite acceptable, but wearing them all the time is likely another matter.
  • for casual dressers: This is the guy or gal who never puts on anything but jeans and a t-shirt. Fine for a weekend at home, but over time this look can make you appear one-sided or lacking a creativity and a bit boring.
  •  goth dressers:  While this look may tell some people that you're expressing your personality, many may see you as depressed, angry, insecure (needing to "disguise" yourself) and unapproachable.
All in all, they way a person decides to wear his or her clothes its their own choice but you can do alot  of good if you learn to dress according to occasion. Be casual,official,athletic,traditional and even sloppy when it for that particular occasion.

                                        With love
Sunday, October 21, 2012
Fashionable Bestfriend of the week :  ME ...lol

Fashionable Bestfriend of the week : ME ...lol

 With age comes the vitenge ryt?? I used to think African prints (vitenge) were for elderly women,now oooh! i cant get enough, my mom had to practically lock all her vitenges in her closet  for me not to steal some,lol! I thank her though for these three outfits she hooked me up with.
Lesson; Never say never
 Tried a little bit of everything from peplum  to laced pattern pencil dress.....i like it,hope u do too!

Wishing you all a lovely day.


How A Married Man I Met On BB Almost Killed Me With Sex and Drugged Drinks

Below is the near-death experience a young lady had with a man who was her BBM friend: I am a girl who has fears, beliefs, reservations and just your regular typical Zambian girl. This past few weeks has been one hell of a game for me.

I have really been unsettled and I thought I share this story with you.

We have met people through various social media. Some have ended up well, some have not but with painful memories. To cut the long story short, let me kindly share with you my encounter with social media especially the very popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM). I am a UNZA graduate and currently working in Solwezi..

I could have runced it, but I needed somewhere to clear my head and forget about my ugly encounter. Here is my story. I happened to have a married man as a contact on my BBM. He had been asking me out for over six months and I refused to date him. As time went on, he invited me clubbing with him when his wife was outside the country, and I went with him all night. We spent most of the night at East point. I also met his clique of friends, married as well with their various mistresses. We had 'mad' fun. After all the clubbing and drinking, he lodged me somewhere in Kabwata.

I felt sort of safe with him. We did not have sex, but he made sweet love to me and touched me in places I had never ever imagined. He kissed me passionately but guess what? He did not have sex with me. We did all sorts but there was no penetration. So, to an extent, I trusted he was a good person to be around with. I did not know that it was all part of the plan. He gave me K300, 000 and put me in a cab to go home the next morning.

We kept talking and chatting and sending naked pictures to each other and he told me naughty things of how he wanted to whisper things in my ear, I blushed. We didn't see for two weeks and that was because his wife just came back from South Africa. One faithful evening, he pinged me that he was organising a beach party/boat cruise and that he would love it for me to be his date and that he wanted to open a BBM chat, as a medium for his friends and my friends to interact. I was excited about it, I just wanted to have fun.

I was able to get five of my very hot friends. The BBM group opened and we got chatting. I also realised that majority of them were married and working in reputable firms. It was fun and we didn't mind if they were married, we just wanted to have fun, as well as some other girls apart from my friends in the group. We chatted exclusively, sent pictures to the BBM group to introduce ourselves, and we had opened group conversations pending the beach party. And as excited as we were, we went shopping at Levy Mall for nice sexy beach wears.

The D-day finally came, we all assembled at kafue Boat Club. I was wowed because it was a high class party. We were cruising in a boat loaded with goodies drinks and hot babes, and as well 'MARRIED MEN'. I did not care, I just said in my mind that I would not roll with married men anymore after this, that for now, all I wanted to do was to catch some fun. After all, I wasn't paying bills. We got there, it was a private beach resort. Most of the beach facilities I got to see there were owned by multinational companies.

We got out of the boat, and went to where we were partying. It was a duplex made with wood. It was a very nice setting. I felt comfortable because it even had a fence around it separating it from other beach houses around. So, there was privacy and of course bouncers (heavy looking guys) guarding the place. I said to myself, this must be heaven, I must be dreaming. Anyways, we felt free with each other because we had been chatting.

It was 5:30pm and the party just started. We had drinks flowing from the private bar tender which happens to be owned by one of the men in the group. Reality struck when I realised that I was feeling dizzy and feeling really funny and light headed. Not only me, but other girls around me too noticed there was something strange about it. I was also feeling HORNY as hell! I had been drugged.

They monitored us and when they knew the drug had really gone deep into our system, they moved us up into the main beach house. I could still see faces, but was too weak and horny to react. Mr B, the man who took me clubbing, carried me in his hands like a sacrifice and put me down on the floor just as other men also did with their girls.

We were eight in numbers; 8 girls, 8 guys, and they all stripped us down and had sex with us. I enjoyed it a bit because I was horny. It was a mixed feeling because I cried, I moaned, but I did not know how many times he came into me. He pounded me hard. I was dizzy, but he grabbed me with force.

All I could notice was the wedding ring on his finger. I thought of how wicked and miserable some married can be. How inhuman and heartless they could be. All of them took turns in switching partners and slept with all of us. I passed out. That was the last thing I could remember. I felt water poured on me. I noticed all the other girls around me too were half naked and some stark naked. We spent the night at the beach, but the men were no where to be found. I looked round me and all I could see was packs of used condoms.

I ran to pick my cloths and possibly raise an alarm. I got dressed, found my phone with an envelope. It contained K400,000 and a note asking us to take
K50, 000 each for transport. Tears of anger and rage filled my eyes and the girls around me as well. "We were drugged and used like tissue paper. I grabbed my phone and noticed a ping came in. I checked my phone and I noticed the BBM group had been deleted, and a message via BBM from MR B came in. He threatened me that if I say a word to anyone, I would regret it.

I told him he was a bastard, and he said try it. A picture came in, several pictures. In fact, they were pictures of us being naked on the floor. Pictures of the humiliating us but they blurred the faces of the men. In total, I got 20 pictures. I was not myself for a month. I went back to school, I had no one to talk to. The rest of the semester was hell for me. grades dropped drastically.

It was the worst out of the worst result I ever had. Till today, my friends and I have not discussed this with anyone, I am now born again. I have given my life to Christ. I fear men so much that I cannot even move close to them.
I still have nightmares, but with time, God will strengthen me and I will move on. My advice to single ladies out there is, do not be desperate for fun. Pray to God to open your eyes of understanding, and pray hard. He who kneels before God will stand before kings and queens. To all married women, pray hard to God to intervene in your marriages and turn your husbands from bad habits and bad friends.

As for me, I do not think I ever want to get married or date a man again. That chapter has been closed for good in my life. Please, do not ignore my mail. Please post it. There are a lot of things we ladies need to learn. Please post it on your blog and save a soul. It could be your friend, sister, cousin, neighbour. God bless you as you pass it on. To all readers, I do not care if you insult me or rain abuses at me. My job is to share this encounter with you and save you from any mishap. God bless you all. Amen.
Everyday i wake up,i thank and ask God to teach me something different that can be a lesson in my life and make me a better person .Today i got this mail and decided to share this with you.  They  say a clever person learns from other people's mistakes,please be CLEVER and learn from this girl's experience.
Fahion +1 : Pic(s) of the day

Fahion +1 : Pic(s) of the day


 Am very grateful for the support my friends are giving me to make my blog happen, am blesssed!

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Hair cuts that few can pull off

Hair cuts that few can pull off

Nancy Sumari

Jill Scott

Michelle Willims


Anne Hathaway

This is one look that not everybody can pull off but for those few who do, the results are maginificent. I believe if a woman can pull off  a low cut and still look beautiful that is one hell of a beautiful woman. I  have come to learn that not everything fashion trend is for everyone, learn to admire and let go if something is not working for you, u will live more happier!
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