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Thursday, February 28, 2013
Delayed post: Valentine's Karaoke

Delayed post: Valentine's Karaoke

As we all know valentines day is a special day where people get to celebrate love, i celebrated my valentines a bit different this year and all thanks goes to Fortune Events Tanzania, the organizer of karaoke nights.
I always say food and drinks makes a party,other things are just compliments and there was a lot food that day, lots and lots of food....lol( i love eating)
The dress code was "white" or "red" but since i didn't find anything white or red in my closet i decided to wear something different that contained white and red in it and i accessorized it with Maasai choker from my "Ndito Project" , red wedge velvet heels ,my favorite red belt, Givenchy bag and my hair do for this day was an inspiration from @Diy_and _ideas from Instagram( follow this page for more ideas on how to do things yourself).... So this is how i looked...........Enjoy!!

Monday, February 25, 2013
Back to school

Back to school

hello Fashion +1 readers,

It has a been a min since the last time i posted anything in here, i took a little vacation after my UE's cause i seriously needed a vacation, the exams where extremely stressful! Anywho,am back in school now and am pretty sure its gonna be hectic since am left with just 4 month to the end of my degree program and a begging of a whole brand new life as a Economist/fashion blogger/businesswoman all in all somebody successful.....God be with me *she prays* .
I should probably stop typing and post something....Today, am wearing a polkadots peter-pan blouse with black fitted pants and polkadots ballerinas. Hope you like it....;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Legally fashionable

Legally fashionable

My three fashionable lawyers to be.....who said you cant look fashionable in court...hahaha! My girls represent that fashionable side of law,its like when fashion meets law and these three are end result....

see for yourself....

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Sunday Madness

Sunday Madness

Its my hope that y'all had a lovely sunday like me....today has been a blessing, from the church service to my small getaway with my girls...

My exams are nat over yet but a little fun wont kill me,lol

I have tried to summarize my all day into some few pictures, from the outfit i wore to church to........enjoy!!

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Stay blessed and Fashionable

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
I smell valentines...

I smell valentines...

Hope y'all had a lovely Wednesday. Just wanted to share these pics of outfits me and Mingas(my soulmate) wore today,hope u like as much as i we do....;)

~I am wearing a chiffon floral blouse and a red pencil skirt
~Mingas is wearing a lace top and a vintage scarf print flowy skirt .....

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Stay blessed & fashionable

Monday, February 4, 2013
The roots

The roots

I know it has been a while since the last time in posted anything in here and am sorry for that,its not like i have abandoned my duty as a blogger,nooooooh! i have just been really busy with school now that am doing our finals but today i managed to squeeze some few mins out of my so busy schedule and do this...,hope u like it....

I called this post the roots because i have accessorised this long black maxi dress with a big chunky masai necklace and some masai rubber flats,as you know i have to go back to my masai roots cause there is so much fashion to explore in that world plus am proud of my masai traits.So my masai roots have inspired this post today!

love lynllel

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