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Friday, January 18, 2013
Favorite blogger of the week : Anitha

Favorite blogger of the week : Anitha

This is one of my favorite blogger in the all wide world,the author of the blog "Anitha Closet" cause her name is Anitha and she blogs about stuffs she wears which are found in her closet .... She's a banker, she has a kid (baby girl) and she's soon getting married to am pretty sure the man of her dreams (Ntasutwa sasa,hahaha)
 I love how she expresses herself fashion wise ,she has that kinda style which you cant say its hard to achieve or easy either,Its just hers and i think that is why am always in her blog checking what she has on everyday.....
 She incorporates all these stuffs she buys from different places (designer shops,regular boutiques and thrift shops) and combine them together to get that perfect outfit,this shows how much a person loves fashion <that willingness to go anywhere to get it....>

I geuss i should stop typing now and show u some of my favorite pictures of her killing it,lol...Hope you like them enough to go check for some more in her blog www.anithacloset.blogspot.com

Anitha if you see this....can u be my blog sis........hahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful

This is one heck of beautiful  joint.............a nerves calmer, i like it alot.

Please listen to the words and tell me if u dont wish for somebody to sing this song for you..

A karaoke must sing (not for me though hahaha,i wouldnt want to be responsible for damaging people's earing canals) but for who can sing ONLY...hahaha
Karaoke Night.....Woow

Karaoke Night.....Woow

So that's me, rocking a black bandage skirt,a creamish chiffon with a black collar and my little kapurse...lol. Comfortable,chic,geeky,classy all in one outfit...#KARAOKEOUTFIT for sure
me and my girl Emmz
Lucy,Jackson,Gigi and ME.....what is wrong with my eyes,hahaha
Me and my cool friend Chiimz ( VyaArusha)
My girl Lucy
People are saying me and Lucy kinda look alike...i don't know if that is true but all i know is we both have big beautiful eyes,haha!!
My singing face.......priceless,lmao
The 3 most craziest girls i know....
My crowd of that night

Karaoke nights take place at Gold crest hotel (level 8 summit bar) every 2 Wednesdays of a month hosted by Fortune the owner of Fortune events Tanzania, So the next karaoke night will be on 23rd this month,you are all welcome to support this young dude trying to make it  big and most of all,you are welcome to have mad fun......................................................................
Saturday, January 5, 2013
Some of my 2012 favorite moments.....

Some of my 2012 favorite moments.....

me and my cousin Connie
It was a wedding and i was  one of the bradesmaid. Orange and purple was color of the wedding..
me and Felician
A day well spent at the beach with some friends.....

me, uncle J and Clementine
I call this "take your daughter to work day" cause we went to see uncle doing his thingy at the salender bridge club.
He's a musician by proffession and he is  very good at what he does,am proud!

Mark, me and Francis
Graduation after party of BAEC CLASS OF 2012

Mingas,Jackee and Me


ME and Salma
At the movies

Me and Kate aka mama
 On my birthday...

Jackee,Farbz,lynllel,Gigi and Mingas
Farbz birthday party

Happy me
I think this is like the true me,am extra geeky inside all this...i love maths and economics.In short i love knowing things,being one step ahead when it comes to learning new stuffs wheither its about fashion or just school subjects and i think that is what makes me who i am today..

Emms,Mingas,Jackee,lynllel and Gigi
Another girls night out but this was just dinner and i always seem to find myself in gray(don know why and i just noticed now) lol........It was a good day all in all

Cpwaa and Moi
Haha! Crazy halloween party that only few actually dressed for occasion and apparently that witchy hat on Cpwa's head was his halloween party custume,did it seal the deal?? lol,At least he tried unlike some people i know...and he gave us this wicked performance and i was there singing along,lip sinking through out most songs lol...

Serengeti trip with my girls

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