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Monday, December 23, 2013
Favorite moments from 2013

Favorite moments from 2013

  The year has finally ended,its only right first i thank God for everything that i have been able to do in 2013. Just to name a few
        * Am alive and well
        * I got my degree of Arts in Economics
        * I have managed to start my small business
So that is just a little list of how many things i have to be grateful just for 2013. But 2013  wasn't all smooth,It had its not so good moments but I believe I have managed to learn from every experience.
 I have lost things and people for different reasons, am not regreting anything  because I believe nothing happens to me without God's awareness,So I let things work themselves out...lol
One of the most important lesson i have learnt in 2013 is the POWER OF COMMUNICATION, communication is very important in any relationship. If you want your relationship with people wheither they're your life partners,friends, relatives, brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. Make sure you are able to sit down with them and talk...one word has the power of changing alot of things. All you got to do is communicate..

I was writing my new year's resolution today, i have a list of 18 things so far that i wanna do before 2014 ends,I have never been so much of a planner but i wanna start now. I know its not too late and i can do everything i set my mind to as long as I God's grace with me ( if you are wondering whats that, That is called being POSITIVE)...I hope you will all be inspired to do your own new year's resolution and follow it through... 

With all that being said, here are my favorite moments of 2013...

 Happy 2014 my beloved readers and viewers. i hope this will be the year we all get to see all our dreams come true. Remember nothing is impossible, sky is the limit!

Stay blessed and Fashionable
 love Ms_Mollel
Saturday, December 21, 2013
My Graduation Day

My Graduation Day

I have God to thank for all my achievements and for everybody in my life, Three years is no joke but i made it with my degree... and i glad i got to share this memorable day with everybody who was there. God is good...

 Stay blessed and fashionable
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