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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fashion+1 focus Of the week : Jacquelyn Wolper

This week fashion +1 is focusing on Tanzanian's very own Jacquelyn Wolper, She's an actress/businesswoman/fashionista/film maker/producer etc. She does it all but acting is what opened all the other doors of her life.....Inshort she's a good role model for all young girls out there...i like her attitude towards life and her sense of style makes me love her even more.

A movie called "after death" is her most recent project. I have only watched a part of this movie but i can tell its a really good movie..(so i shall go look for it). If i was a movie critic in Tanzania i would give this movie 4.5 stars cause its that good (though i haven't watched all of it).She produced and acted as one of the main character in the movie. Jacquelyn dedicated this special movie to the late Steven Kanumba,who was one of the major contributors of the growth of film industry in Tanzania,may his soul rest in peace.

You can follow her on Instagram @wolpergambe

Have a blessed sunday y'all and stay fashionable always
Ms_Mollel aka Lynllel

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