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Saturday, September 11, 2010
Dress according to your body type

Dress according to your body type

     There different types of body shape, the question is, do you know yours? Do you know how to dress and compliment it? Knowing your body type will not only help you to flatter it and make you look glamorous but also hide away those tiny imperfections that you don’t like showing.
Women body type or figure;

Pear or triangle body type-a woman with this body type has a smaller top and a wider bottom, this body type is more African than any other body type. Women with this body type needs to create a balance by wearing brighter colour tops and dark colour bottom e.g. skirts or pants. The secret of wearing a dark colour bottom clothes is that dark colours make a person look slimmer .e.g. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna

Apple body type-women with this body type have larger top than bottom. These women need to avoid wearing clothes which will make them look even larger especially horizontal striped clothes. The apple type women should wear dark colour tops to slim their upper bodies and nice calm toned bright colour bottom to enlarge your bottom in order to give you full body balance e.g. of celebrity with apple body type are Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Hudson

Rectangular body type-these women in this category are tall and slender. Your top should be long to balance the length of your legs. Avoid dark colours and super tight outfit, they will make you look more slender e.g. Cameroon Diaz

Hourglass or curvy body type-This is the envy of every woman. You are what people call sexy. Fitted clothes look good on you, no point hiding your body by wearing loose or full blouse. Famous women with such bodies are Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

Square or round body type-these women are small and short or large and short. The aim is to make them look taller and achieve shape and curve. To compliment this body type one should wear vertical prints to make her look taller and slimmer if she a bit large. Wearing single colour is also a good trick for this body type, one thing you should never forget is HEELS! Cause nothing makes people taller and slimmer than heels.

      Now that your have an idea in which group you belong,hopeful you will be more confident in buying and wearing clothes which will complement your body.Remember all this change must be wrapped with confident and proper attitude.
Sunday, September 5, 2010


Shopping, this is everybody’s best friend. There is this good feeling most of us get whenever we go shopping to buy the things we want. Am sure everybody likes to put on new clothes or shoes, it just gives you a weird but good feeling and confidence. There is nothing bad with shopping but over doing it is a problem, the tip is don’t buy anything that you think you mighty need because that need may not arise but you should buy things that you are sure you will use.

Tips to consider before you go shopping

* Revise your wardrobe

* Study your budget

* Prepare your shopping list

* Go shopping

We all know that not all people buy their stuffs in boutiques and price tagged shops, for those who buy some place else, start learning your bargaining tricks by dividing the price you are told in two, and the amount you get you start bidding from there.
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