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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Shopping, this is everybody’s best friend. There is this good feeling most of us get whenever we go shopping to buy the things we want. Am sure everybody likes to put on new clothes or shoes, it just gives you a weird but good feeling and confidence. There is nothing bad with shopping but over doing it is a problem, the tip is don’t buy anything that you think you mighty need because that need may not arise but you should buy things that you are sure you will use.

Tips to consider before you go shopping

* Revise your wardrobe

* Study your budget

* Prepare your shopping list

* Go shopping

We all know that not all people buy their stuffs in boutiques and price tagged shops, for those who buy some place else, start learning your bargaining tricks by dividing the price you are told in two, and the amount you get you start bidding from there.
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