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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fashion+1 focus of the week : Mange Kimambi

Its my hope that y'all doing well and God is blessing you in different ways everyday. I have decided to start up a new thing called "Fashion+1 focus of the week"and remove that segment of "fashionable bestfriend of the week" . I got this new idea from a friend( my one and only cool friend CHIM) this will allow me to feature different people apart from people that i actually know and who have made an impact in the fashion world especially my fellow Tanzanians....

So with that been said, fashion+1 focus of this week is the one and only MANGE KIMAMBI, Shes a mother, wife, blogger,designer, enterprenuer (yaani the whole package) I just adore this woman, she an inspiration to us young blogger/enterprenuer , who are still figuring what to do with our lives...lol. She has a clothing line called Bongolicious which is doing really well right now cause the clothes she makes are modern,stylish and african....I can talk all day about this woman and still wont finish....here is Mange Kimambi, my inspiration.....

You can follow her on instagram @mangekimambi and keep up with her on her blog www.u-turn.co.tz

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