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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 WAYS with : Denim shirt

all 3 outfits

First Outfit:  Denim shirt can be worn with anything, like in the above pictures i paired my denim shirt with another denim of different color,as you can see. This look is effortless and simple but very stylish.

Second Outfit : this second outfit  involves the same denim shirt  with a  nature toned high low skirt. This particular outfit can also be an official look and can be paired with flats also if the heels are too much for you.

Third Outfit: This is the third and last outfit  which consists of a denim shirt, floral leggings, a white  mullet shirt and studed black boots.....i like it, hope you do too.

There so many  ways that a single denim shirt can be worn, just let your imagunation run wild and have fun,everything else will fall into place. Set your own trends and dont worry if nobody else follows because as long as you feel good nothing else matters.

             happy End of October everybody,


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