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Thursday, October 25, 2012


I miss love, I miss a friend
I miss a friend with love

We used to laugh together and you left me to cry on my own

You told me to always count on you
When i thought i should,you were long gone

You promised to be a shoulder to lean on always
But the ugly times parted our ways

You and I were rising and shining together and now
you are the moon showing me your dark side

I miss you love,I miss you friend
I miss you a friend with love

I trusted you with my secrets
Now they are all out leaving me  with regrets

You were a sister, not just a friend
I guess good things always come to an end

I pictured you as a matron in my wedding
Now our friendship is a subject to a welding

We were so close that we looked alike
But now we are like heels and Nike

I miss you love, I miss you friend
I miss a friend with love

I know you miss our deep friendship
Our journey wasn't forever,just a return trip

Wishing old times could be now
Cause all you have now is "i wish i knew"

 You took our friendship for granted
 And destroyed all the seeds we planted

 And now things will never be the same
Our friendship suffered a flame of shame

I miss you love, I miss you friend
I miss a friend with love
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