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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Red lips...

Hello My Beloved readers
 Its my hope that life is treating y'all very well... 
  Today I wanna share with you my another fashion adventure and this involves makeups...My sister Momo has this unpolished talent of doing make-ups that she hasn't taken it so serious. So yesterday when went for a sleepover at her place and she turned our faces ( mine and my lil sister's ) into her practice zone.
   Its not like am complaining...Nooo! cause i really enjoyed getting my face done with all those makeups and looking all cute and different...I was happy to play along. 
  And the fact that I could learn a thing or two made this little experience even more enjoyable. Cause the truth is,when it comes to makeups am very shallow and most of times I don't put my makeups on because I don't really know who to properly apply them. So apart from being an adventurous experience it was also a learning experience for me.  

Make-ups used; 
1. Mac and Mary kay foundation (different colors)
2. Mac and Dior powder ( different colors)
3. Mac concealer 
4. Mac lipstick
5. Mac carbon
6. Dior Eyeshadow 
7. Bobbi Brown eyeliner
8. Mac Mascara

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  1. Am a huge fan of make up,and am also a huge fan of u..i waz alwayz wondering why u dnt post abt these makeup thingyz so am glad 2 see that u did dat...and girl,u luk gorgeous wth them makeup on!do it often


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