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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY: African Print clutches

    Its amazing how creative a person can get when they're bored. They say necessity leads to invention...and I very much agree with that cause I have always wanted a perfect African print Clutch but it wasn't until recent that I really needed this African print clutch,So its that  kind of necessity that has led to the making of the African print clutch.....
   Its not a hard procedure cause I did it in two and a half hours and the results were perfect...
I had a little help from a professional tailor but 99% of work is mine and am proud of myself.

 Things I used to make my African print clutch:
1. A piece of African print cloth
2. An old clutch which I no longer use 
3. Fabric glue
4. Scissors
5 A thread (depending on the color of the cloth) and a needle
6. Standard pin 

Hope you get inspired and make your own clutch with kind of print you like. 
Stay blessed and Fashionable
       Love Lynllel

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