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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Smilling at the end of the day

First, i would like to thank my good Lord for everything that he has done to me,for everything that he has prevented me from.....thank u God.
  This past week was a bad week for me and my friends Jackee and Mingas.I would like to thank God again that it has passed and we are alive and well.
Lesson ;Life is so short and unpredictable, You can be here in one moment  and  there in like seconds, just remember to be grateful for everything because what happens and what does not happen in your life. Its all because of God's good plans.
I have lost my favorite friend this week, that is MY BLACKBERRY,things like phones are very minor things in life until you loose them in such a scary and life threatening manner. The truth is i miss my phone terribly cause i was so attached to it...and am very much hoping to get a new one (I hope my mom is reading this,lol) though i don't think i will love it as much as i loved my stolen phone.

Advice : Life is not as simple as we all think it is (for those who think life is simple). There is nothing good in this world like living a true and peaceful life,the one that friendship and respect are the most important things.Petty beefs and childish hating games wont take anyone anywhere,this goes to the ladies especially because we do this thinking it will make us more superior than others but in real sense it doesn't..am just tired of seeing women/girls hating each other just because "somebody dresses better than you" coz that is like the major reason with us girls.#SISTERHOOD is what will take us far not anything else. My experience of this past week has taught me this very important lesson that i had to share with my readers and am hoping it will change you as much as it changed me . Just remember in a split of a second your life can change drastically so if you treat people like the way you want to be treated you wont ever run out of people to share good and bad moments with you

                                          love Lynllel
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