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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Econ - Fashionista ( Beauty and Brains ) :p

I love spending my Saturdays looking  very casual yet fashionable so a neon vest, turquoise high low skirt, cute black flats and my black biker blazer did the trick for me today.....
They say knowledge is power but imagine the limitless power you'll get if mix a little bit of beauty and fashion with education 'beautiful combination, right???" so that's what am aiming for. Ambition is the new sexy and i have a whole package of that  right now. Life is not a joke and am not gonna treat it like one.I need to study to be somebody in life, to make a difference and bring change,whether its in the fashion world or any other place in this world even at the moon if possible (sky is the limit)................. And i know education is my only way out,the only inheritance i have from my mother so i don't let anything or anyone get in between me and my education....

By the way i have test on Tuesday so please for Lynllel.....LOL,am serious though PRAY for yo girl!!
      Wishing a blessed time
                                love Lynllel
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