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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Merii creation at farmer's market

Hello Readers/ Viewers

Last saturday i had an opportunity to participate in a local event "farmer's market" here in Dar es Salaam. This was my first official showcase of my designs since i started merii creations. 

It was a good experience especially for a first timer like me, i had so much fun and i learnt so much on that day. 

Am thankful for this opportunity and I am looking forward for more events like this...

I would like to thank everybody who helped me make this day possible in one way or another. I cant name them all but my sincere gratitudes goes to them. 

I would also like to thank my close friends Glory and Lily for assisting me in every way they knew possible. 

If you want to order a t-shirt,
Email: marylynmollel@yahoo.com
mobile: +255783978197
Instagram: @meriicreations/@ms_mollel

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