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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Merii Creations

A Hello lovelies,

 I know, I went MIA on you guys  for a while now (so sorry about that) But yo girl has been up too good things lately ..lol...I have learn't so much about me,people and my environment in the past 2 month than ever before. I have come to agree and disagree about certain things that where and still happening in my life that i didn't understand before and for this reason only I have decided to live my life to the fullest,take risks and just be me. 

So as a part of this new life, I have come up with my own fashionable creations that are inspired by me and things that surround me or a mixture of traditional and modern fashion, called MERII ( my other native name).

MERII CREATIONS will be dealing with recycling fashion and accessories designing using african prints garments and african oriented ornaments. So get ready for this new big thing from your very own fashionable girl (me)

This is just a little introduction of Merii creations....I know, you gonna like them...

1. L.O.V.E tee

2. Bow tie and a mustache tee

3. Bow tie Vest-tee

4. African print baby-collar neckpiece
5. African Print Phone cases

6. African Print (kente) collar neckpiece
7. African print Neckpiece
8. African print baby-collar neckpiece

           Stay blessed and fashionable
                  love Lynllel
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