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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion +1 : Birthday Wishes

Today is my one and only brother's born day. He's the first born in a family of two children,that means am the last born (kitinda mimba)..lol! but don't let it fool you am not getting any special treatment.
 I just wanna wish him a happy birthday today and happy life in general cause he deserves all the good things that life can offer and i also wanna thank him for always been there and always setting good examples for me.
We annoy each other most of the times but that's what makes us siblings and that whats makes us miss each other when we are far form each other (One of those people you cant live with or live without).......
He's the number one supporter of this blog and for that i thank him,often likes to challenge my fashion sense which is good but at the end of the day he always supports me....

So fashion +1 with lynllel would like to wish FRANKLIN MOLLEL a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..........mad love for you brother.

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