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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's friendship Poem

 I remember a friend that i met
Before the sunrise but after the sunset
I remember a friend
Who was also my friend's friend
 A friend so true and sincere
Far from each other and near

Then i met a friend
Who showed me a friend
That i can be a friend with
Laugh and cry with
Taught me to love my friends

Here i am
More than i am
I love my friends
Some are real
Some are fake
Others are lovers
Others are haters
I love them all
My enemies,I call them friends
I believe one day we will shake hands
And mend what was broken
Creating another trend
Simply,we will open
Another chapter of the book
And dance to the sound of zouk

If you are a friend
Or a friend of a friend
Remember friendship has no end
Through it all,firm it stands

 Special  thanks to my lovely sister and friend Nancy Lazaro for writing me this beautiful peom about friendship.
Am so inspired with these few yet very touching words,hope you will all be............

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