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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Image,is the way that other people see us. Having proper image can influence other people to meet to our demands such as, Agree to our requests,hire us when seeking for employment and believe it or not pay us the salary we want.People absorb more powerful messages about us and the things we deal with when we have that proper image.Image consultancy helps you to improve your image by learning the following
 ;- Fashion and styling
 ;- Colour coordination and combination
 ;- Makeup
 ;- Shopping and wardrobe .
You might think this is only for women as most think that only women have the right to look good(good image) but its also for men who realy know how to manage the right swag, from years of viewing men have problems with colour analysis and being too confident since they are ‘the man’ ,they can wear anything especially in casual days.
           All in all, lynllel image consultancy offers its followers advice which will help to achieve that proper image to get what you want either its a new job, making an impression or simply feeling good.
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